Friday, August 24, 2012

Giveaways for the week of 8/24

Crooked Brook Apron Giveaway 5

Hi everyone!   I think this is the cutest apron style!  I love the combination of colors and the style of this one.  I hope you guys like it and try to win it, also!

Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 10

Hi everyone!  It is time to give away another coat!  There have been a bunch of you asking for purple…now is your chance!  This is a Size 14 coat, so make sure that works for you or that you have a friend it will fit!  I think this is gorgeous!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Giveaways for the Week of 8/17

Crooked Brook T Shirt Giveaway 5

Happy Sunday everyone!  I hope you enjoyed the Olympics and the ICES Convention as much as I did. This is the 5th  T Shirt that Crooked Brook is giving away.   You will have 2 weeks to enter each contest.  Crooked Brook does custom printed tshirts in addition to all the great chef  Crooked Brook wants to give one of you one of these, too!!  The picture below is the blog logo, but this will have YOUR logo on it!  Isn’t that exciting?

Crooked Brook Custom Polo Shirt Giveaway 6

Happy Sunday everyone! I just got home from ICES and saw people in chef coats, polo shirts, t shirts and street clothes.  I know a lot of folks would have loved to win one of these!  Crooked Brook is giving away another embroidered polo shirt.  So, just like my dear friend LaMeeka Howard, who had Crooked Brook design a polo shirt with her bakery logo on it, Crooked Brook wants to give one of you one of these, too!!  Right now, the cake images are part of their stock image files, but you can talk to Crooked Brook about having your entire logo put onto the shirt.  Otherwise, they will stitch on your logo name with their cute cake!

Crooked Brook Hoodie-Hooded Sweatshirt Giveaway 2

Happy Sunday!  This is my third giveaway for this week. This is the second Hoodie-Hooded Sweatshirt that Crooked Brook is giving away.  The first giveaway was one of our most popular yet…so let’s do another!   You will have 2 weeks to enter this contest.  Crooked Brook does embroidered hoodies,  in addition to all the great chef coats.  Crooked Brook wants to give one of you one of these, too!!  When I ran my bakery, I had one that I loved to wear.  It had my logo on the back and always got comments!  The picture below is with one of their stock designs, but this will have YOUR shop name on it!  Isn’t that exciting?