Friday, July 20, 2012

Giveaways for the Week of 7/20

Crooked Brook Custom Polo Shirt Giveaway 4

Happy Friday everyone!  Crooked Brook is giving away another embroidered polo shirt.  So, just like my dear friend LaMeeka Howard, who had Crooked Brook design a polo shirt with her bakery logo on it, Crooked Brook wants to give one of you one of these, too!!  Right now, the cake images are part of their stock image files, but you can talk to Crooked Brook about having your entire logo put onto the shirt.  Otherwise, they will stitch on your logo name with their cute cake!

Crooked Brook Apron Giveaway 4

Hi everyone! This is a gorgeous apron, but is fitted, so double check that the size will work for you.  I know most of my decorator friends like the color pink…so how about a pink fitted bib apron.

Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 9

Hi everyone!  It is time to give away another coat for the guys.  Be sure to double check the sizing and make sure that this coat works for you!  Remember, if this isn’t the right size, the next one might be!  I think this will be a handsome coat and really hope that whoever wins will send in a picture in the coat later!

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