Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Giveaways Week of 9/26

Crooked Brook T Shirt Giveaway 6

Hi!  I just got home from the Missouri Weekend of Sharing.  I think my car is better traveled than most of my friends!  It goes to lots of cake events!

Crooked Brook Chef Coat Giveaway 11

Hi everyone!  It is time to give away another coat for the guys.  Be sure to double check the sizing and make sure that this coat works for you!  Remember, if this isn’t the right size, the next one might be!  I think this will be a handsome coat and really hope that whoever wins will send in a picture in the coat later!

Crooked Brook Custom Embroidered Jacket 1

Hi everyone!  This is a new item to our giveaway family!  I wish I could have this jacket.  It is totally me!

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